Diversity & Inclusion

The following statement was approved by the Board of Directors of the Ohio Animal Welfare Federation on August 5, 2020:

The Ohio Animal Welfare Federation values the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the animal welfare field in Ohio. We believe that our member organizations’ staff teams and boards of directors should reflect the communities they serve in order to provide the most relevant and impactful programs and services. We are offering resources and learning opportunities for our members that are designed to help eradicate systemic discrimination and racism wherever they may exist in animal welfare organizations in Ohio. We believe it is important to prioritize this issue throughout the year, every year and we are committed to helping our members through this journey. 


The Association for Animal Welfare and Advancement Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training Package

Includes programs on communications, implementing change, interacting with diverse communities and more.


Recognizing & Dismantling Racism in Animal Welfare 

Blog post from The Sniff for Dog People

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

By Peggy McIntosh

Antiracist Organizational Change

CommunityWise Resource Centre 


The Impact of Systemic Poverty and Institutional Discrimination on People and Pets



CARE: Companions and Animals for Reform & Equity

Focused on transforming the animal welfare industry with evidence-based inclusion training, inspiring narratives and compassion. 

Racial Equity Tools

2,500+ resources that can help you create change in your community. Explore the site or click to view the newest resources.

Adopter's Welcome (manual)

Adopters Welcome highlights an approach to adoptions that embraces community members, encourages them to adopt, and helps them and their pets succeed. The approach also acknowledges the connection among all local adoption agencies and the impact adoptions, or lack of adoptions, can have on all of the animals in a community.

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